VoxelCode is a script-based voxel editor. It is written in pure javascript, of corse with html and css for the visuals.

VoxelCode would be a great tool for game jams! Or anything else ready for voxels! It can export to .stl for 3D printing, and .obj for game engines!

The open source code is available on GitHub:https://github.com/kippllo/VoxelCode

And the full website is host there as well:https://kippllo.github.io/VoxelCode/index.html

On the full website you can find the documentation. It fully details the syntax, commands, and features of VoxelCode:https://kippllo.github.io/VoxelCode/html/documentation/doc.html

Can't think of anything to voxel? Check out these examples for inspiration:https://kippllo.github.io/VoxelCode/html/examples/examples.html