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Welcome to RogueParty!

This Ludum Dare's theme was two incompatible genres! So I chose: Party + Rogue-Like. What could be less like a party game than perma-death and randomness!

I hope you like it, I chose to focus less on polish and more on playable content so there is unfortunately no sound and the graphics leave something to be desired, but hopefully y'all have fun playing it :)

The rules are simple: Win mini games to earn EXP to level up and raise your stats. If your over world hp runs out you die for good.

P.S. As a party game it is impossible to play this with only one person. And gamepads are needed for players 2 through 4. Both xBox and PlayStation controllers should work on the windows version. I'm not sure about the mac controller support.

V 1.1 Update Log:
Fixed Bugs:
1. Camera Glitch in fighting and don't touch anything games.
2. Fixed UI instructions to be uniform throughout mini games and fixed some UI text.
3. Changed player spawn positions in don't touch anything game.
4. Fix fall-off glitch in outside scene.
5. Fixed swords floating glitch in don't touch anything game.
6. Nerfed health item and buffed exp chest.
7. Added custom game icon and window title.

Source Code Link (Note: It's messy!):https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ag9kdRpMu_C6_rT1p3SsbxjlYj2BMdwc/view?usp=sharing


RogueParty V 1.1 (Win) 17 MB
Rogue Party V 1.1 (Mac) 21 MB

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